Benefits Of A New Roof

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A sturdy roof is way more than a shelter to your house, it provides safety and protection. With the development of technology, a roof also plays a significant role in the energy saving process, which finally leads to reducing electricity bills. Simply, a strong roof could offer you a tremendous amount of advantages for the initial cost you invest on it. We have discussed some of the major advantages of installing a new roof to your home.

Energy Efficiency

Roofs are one of the main means of trapping heat in winter and reflecting heat in the summer. Retrofitting a roof with heat reflective material could lower the absorption of heat from the sun. Thus the heat of the roof can be reduced up to 50 F which reduces air conditioning. On the other hand insulation of roofs help to trap the heat generated from heaters within the house, during the harsh Ohio winter months. Both of these methods efficiently reduce your energy consumption and electricity bills. Get a new roof to stay green and to save money!

Safety And Protection

The primary reason of having a roof is safety and protection. It is the protective shield against adverse weather conditions, animals and whatever objects that could fall on your loved ones putting them in danger. Rather than mending leaks and other damages continuously, investing in a new roof would bring you a lot more benefits and peace of roof

Resale value

When you are selling your house, if it does have a new roof the resale value could be far higher than you expect. In fact statistics say that a house with a new roof on average adds an extra $15,000+ to the selling price. A new roof could always attract better buyers, with lucrative offers than an old, discolored roof with a lot of leakages.

Why choose Insured Roofing?

Choosing the proper roofer is essential, a new roof not only is an investment in your home, but also protects you and your family from dangers. So why take a risk when you could hand over the burden to a reliable and successful leader in the industry?  Insured Roofing – the best central Ohio roofing company is ready to lend you a helping hand in all your roofing needs. With 30 years of expertise under our belt the company assures nothing but 100% customer satisfaction. As an assurance for the high profile of excellence, the experienced roofers have received the top certifications in the industry as H.A.A.G Certified Roofing Inspectors, GAF Authorized Roofing Installers, Certified installers of AAMA windows, and Approved Contractors by the League of American Homeowners.

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