Save up to 20% on your heating and cooling costs!

Extremely harsh weather conditions are common in Central Ohio and people tend to get stuck in their houses to find sanctuary from extreme weather. The climate is so cold and freezing that everything is at a standstill in the winters and normal activity becomes extremely cumbersome. It becomes difficult to perform daily activities and people tend to take refuge inside their houses from the harsh weather.

It is imperative that your house is properly insulated and does not allow the heat from inside to flow outside the house and make the house as cold as the outside world. The comfort of the home tends to get lost in homes where there is no insulation or the insulation is not effective. People in homes that aren’t properly tend to waste excessive energy just to keep their house warm, when they really should be bothering about insulating the house properly to avoid escape of heat from within.

Home Without Proper Insulation


Insured Roofing offers the industry’s best insulation for your home so that whatever warmth has been produced inside the house using the heating system is kept inside and does not escape outside. The vinyl windows and insulation of the house walls ensure that the air is trapped and no air enters the house either. Once your home is properly insulated by Insured Roofing, you will wonder how you ever survived a winter without it.

Beating the harsh climate is possible, even here in Central Ohio. Not only does insulation help provide comfort in your own home, it has been proven to reduce energy costs by up to 20%!

Contact us today at Insured Roofing for a FREE inspection to make your home is properly insulated for summer and the harsh winter months.