Why Clean Your Roof?


Every time it rains, it cleans my roof… right??


A tremendous amount of homeowners do not bother to clean their roofs for a few reasons. Many homeowners will think their roof doesn’t need to be clean, or it takes a lot of precious time, or it is quite expensive. All of these are false.

Cleaning your roof for prolonging the life of your roof. Not only does it prolong your roof’s life, it also maintains your home’s value by up to $15,000. Cleaning your roof will actually save your money in the long run

Some of the main benefits to cleaning your roof:dirty roof

  • Extends life of your roof. When you don’t clean your roof often, lichens, algae or moss can to begin to grow on your roof. This can cause
    unsightly stains on your roof shingles also cause the shingles to degenerate, thus decreasing the life span of your roof. These plants can destroy your roofs shingles and weaken them, causing them
  • Make your roof look gorgeous again. If you want your roof to look beautiful and your home to look as good as the day you bought it, then roof cleaning is essential. It will prevent dirt, debris, and other objects to settle on your roof and cause stains.
  • Save money. Your home’s ventilation is greatly reduced when you have stains on your roof. It will catch heat in your house, sky rocketing your cooling costs. If you were wondering why your energy bill has shot up the last few months, check your roof for algae or moss. By cleaning your roof, you increase its longevity and prevent future repairs down the road.


Cleaning your roof should be done by a professional, since you risk damaging your roof further by cleaning it improperly. Also, you should have a trained professional check to see if any damage has been done to your roof before cleaning it from debris and plants settling on your roof as we speak. Clean your roof often there should be less problems in the future.

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